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A Year After COVID-19 Began: Finding Balance

This month, one year ago, we spiralled into a year of fear, uncertainty and most certainly exhaustion: physically and mentally. We can look back to the year that was, what could have been, and what we have done. We all remember keeping our eyes on our screens and listening to the panic gripping nations as one by one fell into lockdowns and tough measures to ensure the survival of our species. We would not back down, we would not falter.

Like many, I struggled with motivation, coping with my mental health, and questioning absent-minded government decisions locally and abroad. Knowing full well that this pandemic could indeed last one year or longer, I strived to pick myself up whenever I fell down. I battled myself on a daily basis and wondered would I be ok? Would my family be ok? Would my beloved friends be ok? However, as much as I did this, I knew me just sitting there in my room, locked away from everyone, often avoiding being social (even on the phone) I had to confront myself and find a balance; I had to find a way to keep me moving when even all I wanted was to stop.